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As a private financial conglomerate, we are tactical in how we invest our partnership's capital.  For over 30 years now, our institutional and private partners have enjoyed continued growth, while yielding to our unyielding investment approach.  We adhere obdurately to our long-play models, while raising the capital needed to cover everyday commitments.

How we adapt to emerging trends and diverse markets, showcases who we are as an establishment.  With an eagle eye on strategic opportunities, we are transparent on the "How, When, and Why".  We limit our risk, by attenuating our exposure.


Our investment solutions are tailored to each institutional and individual partner's needs.  We engulf ourselves in understanding each of our partner's goals, and lay a foundation for such to be realized.

/ $82.35B

Securities Under Management

/ $461.65B

Other Assets Under Management


Every decision, every investment, every course of action, is planned well in advance, in order to achieve the results envisioned.

Vested in the four corners of the planet, Ramírez Rolón Securities, as a unit, invests in well-managed funds, private companies, commercial developments, hospitality projects, the commodities and minerals industry, as well as in technology and the advancement of science.  

Groomed with precision, our team assembles consistently to go over each portfolio with a fine-tooth-comb and make sure nothing has been missed nor any opportunity abjured.

Capital Preservation is not a luxury, it's a responsibility.  

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